Friday, February 09, 2007

Life in General: aka "The Real Life Discussion"

I just realised that out of all my recent blog entires.. I haven't talked about my actual life very much. So without further ado, here is a long drawn out and possibly boring description about how my week has been! Wheee! *waits for applause* Okay, so it's not the most exciting topic in the world.. but at least I'm not talking about anime.

You know the one thing that kinda sucked about this week? I was sick! Yep, that was kind of a bummer. You know, I had the usual *hack hacks* and *cough coughs* lately, but thankfully the magic of pills have reduced it to a minimum. Thanks Advil! You're my best buddy! You know.. besides all those other people I've told are my best buddies. But those were all lies!
Being sick is not fun, as illustrated by this adorable drawing. Isn't it cute!

I've been completely unmotivated though, which is unfortuante. I was really active last month, but for seem reason I've been really really lazy as of lately. But school's gonna start up on Monday. :) Yeaaaaaahh.. and all that Bleach time just went flying out the door. It's better all around though, since I feel alot more confident about myself when I'm actually working towards a goal. This semester.. it's gonna be the big "A"! Oh yeah! It shall be mine once again! *sinister laugh*

Oh yeah! And I haven't even talked about sacred "Fullmetal Alchemist Calendar" yet. My brother and sister-and-law got me a bunch of FMA stuff for my birthday (and a Darth Vader t-shirt). I got a deck of Fullmetal Alchemist playing cards (traditonal playing cards, not a TCG) and the real star of the show.. the beautiful Fullmetal Alchemist calendar. I immediately nailed it up to my wall. And whatever that thing says goes man! Each day before I'd go to bed, I'd write up an entire schedule in the square for the upcoming day. If I didn't do everything I had written down, I would get a frowny face. If I did it all, I would get one completely professional check-mark! Sounds really childish, I know. LOL, it really worked for a while there though. That was until I got sick.. then I just pretty much told myself that the schedule wasn't valid anymore. Like everybody else.. I get incredibly lazy when I'm sick. :) And I'm proud of it!
This is a FMA calendar. Not the one majestic one I own mind you, but this is just to illustrate the point. Anime calendars rule! Nuff said.

So yeah, that's all I have to ramble about for right now. Nothing too overy tramatic or dramatic happened, so I really don't have anything to complain about. Which you know.. is basically all Blogger's do. No offense nice Blogger's who are no doubt totally digging my blog. :) Leave some nice comments! May the geek be with you.

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