Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just Another Day... I'm Bored Out of my Mind

There are both positives and negatives towards not having any school for the next few weeks, but from my perspective at the moment, it's mostly negative. I have very little to build towards at the moment, unless of course you're talking about my current addiction to Evangelion (only another thirteen episodes before I finish the series, it's pretty short). Not the best anime show I've ever seen, but it's still pretty good. Not "Fullmetal Alchemist" good, more like "Haruhi" good or "Bleach" good.

xDD Gah! Can't I make a single entry without mentioning anime for once! :) Anyways, i've kind of made a deal with myself to try a little harder this next week at achieving my goals. Even though they may not be massive, they're still there, and part of the fun of life is to apply yourself and just "go for the gold". So starting tommorrow, I'm going to try and do that. It should be fun, to say the very least. I'll try and make a blog entry every night before I go to sleep as well, you know, to keep you guys posted on what is currently clattering in the mind of Kaleb Stewart. Oh! And look forward to some mini-reviews in every entry. I watch alot of TV and read alot of stuff, and unfortuantely, it's become too much of a pain to jam it all into one entry. Look forward to it!

Today's Mini-Review: Walk The Line (A Film)
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What I Liked About this Movie: The perfomances were excellent and the movie was superbly crafted. My compliments to the director. There were waaaaayy too many concert "singing" scenes, but that was probably just because I dislike Johnny Cash's music. 0_0 Resse Witherspoon is still amazing. No matter what perfomance she's in, she nails it! Fantastic job.

What I Hated About this Movie: I'll just go out and say that I highly disliked this movie. It's about a washed out jerk who ends up making alot more then he deserves, and how he leaves his family and stalks after June Carter. I respect the movie and what it was trying to achieve, I just found it all very boring and uninteresting. Johnny Cash is a jerk who managed to make great music, that's all you basically need to know about this movie. Oh! And June Carter was crazy for staying with him. By the end of the movie, I was really starting to think about all of the other things I could've done with the time. Could have Wrote...could have read Harry Potter...could have studied for my DMV test..could have watched a drama about people worth giving a damn about.

Rating: C+ (some people will love it, but I just couldn't get into it)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Inspiration Comes Out of Thin Air Sometimes

I was sitting down in front of my computer the other night, still developing the characters for this story that has been in the works for the last couple months or so. The problem was, I felt the story lacked any sort of orginality. Not from the plot, but from the characters. What every great story needs is strong likable character, and my leading man just wasn't cutting it for me. We have had so many pieces of science fiction and fantasy that revovle around young boys growing up and becoming a man, and I've found through alot of my manga reading and anime viewing that, well, very rarely do you see a female character in the main role of a sci-fi story unless she's some kind of tough samurai chick or something. Then... it hit me!

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Evangelion, my current anime obsession. I've only seen eight episodes, but they were all pretty intense.

That's what I need to do, just switch the genders! It'll be awesome! Instead of having it be the guy who's finding his way in the world through these extraordinary events, you'll have your average ordinary girl becoming a woman. All of my favorite charcters in the anime I watch are usually female anyways, so why not make the leading character a girl? It's pretty genius, if I may say so myself (and again, I sound like I've discovered something new, lol).

Plus, it would draw in a completely different perspective to a story that needed some real life in the first place. xDD Okay, I need to go watch Evangelion now! Will update again soon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Things That I've Watched, Read, Or Done": Vol. 3

I've returned after a very long break, to give you some new reviews and opinions on somethings that I've watched, read, or done as of late. So let's get crackin!

Blades of Glory (A Film in Review)
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This could have been sooooooo funny if written and acted by the right people. Unfortuantely, we're stuck with another piece of Will Ferrell crap.

Seriously, Who Wrote This Garbage: I don't expect much from my dumb comedies, I just want to laugh. Zoolander had me laughing all the way through, while Blades of Glory just made me cringe. Bad dialouge, horrible jokes, and terrible comedic performances all wrapped around a concept that could have been funnier then hell. But somehow, everyone invovled in the production found a way to screw it up... big time! Don't even bother.

There Was One Good Thing Though...: Jenna Fischer is cuuuuuuttee with a capital "C". Basically, that's the only good thing I could remember from this train wreck. 0_0 Super kawaii!

Jon Heder: Is the most annoying actor working in the industry right now. Why do they keep on hiring him?! He's annoying!

Rating: D+ (maybe next time they could bring some class along with their humor)

The Place Promised in Our Early Days (An Anime Film in Review)
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I Don't Know What To Say: I both loved and hated this movie, and yes, it is possible to feel both things at the same time. In one corner, you have a beautiful film telling what could have been the most touching story ever told through animation, and then in the other corner you have an extremely slow paced sci-fi flick that bores more then it entertains. There are scenes of such depth and beauty that you can't help but be drawn into the director's vision, but then afterwards they throw you into some crazy weird internal monolouge with some of the most angst ridden teens I've ever heard. Honestly! Your life can't suck that bad man, get over it.

This Is What I Loved: You want to prove to your anime hating friend that Japanese animation invovles alot more then just ninjas and crazy Dragonball fights? Sit them in front of this movie, and they'll never look at anime the same way again. At it's best moments, this is a gorgeous, deep, and visually captivating movie. At times, it feels more like a visual poem then it does a feature lenght film.. and that's where the problems start to set in.

This is What I Hated: I don't ask for much, I just want coherancy. For the first half of the film, I was completely and utterly confused. I really had no idea what the heck was going on. It wasn't until I was about two-thirds of the way into the film that I started to put the pieces together and.. it all kind of sort of made sense. I'm still a little fuzzy about alot of the plot details, but on a purely emotinal level it all made sense. But that isn't enough to make a film off of a plot that seems to be only half-baked. It's almost like they took someone's outline of a story, and they based their story off of that. You still have some beautiful scenes and some tremendous visuals, but the story just doesn't connect the way it should. Which is too bad, because with a little more work and character development, this could have been a real masterpiece.

The Ending: It may not have been complete sense, but this movie had one fantastic ending. Of all the things this girl could lose, the one thing one of the main leads is worried about is not dying, but forgetting how great it feels to be in love. Some of the best dialouge of any anime I've seen so far (this isn't the exact dialouge, but more an ad-lib of what I can remember):

"Oh no! Oh no, I.. if he rescues me, I might lose something. I might lose something very imporant. I might forget how this feels... I might forget to tell him how much I love him, how much I loved him. When we were all alone, just the two of us."

...... I'm getting the tingles just by thinking about it. Too bad it wasn't in a better paced movie.

Rating: C+ (what a dissapointment. There is so much going right for this movie, but it only works for about thirty minutes of its ninty minute running time. The rest of the time, I was either bored or frusturated. Would have worked better as a thirty minute short then a feature length film. Should have been a masterpiece, but lazy writing strikes again!)

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (A Disneyland Ride in Review)

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Disney at It's Best: One thing is for sure, this is one of the best rides Disney has made in the last ten years (if not the best). Right from the moment I walked into the submarine, Disney had gripped me with their magic and didn't let go. Right when I thought the ride couldn't get cooler, it blew me away with yet another outstanding scene or dazzling effect. I love love loved this ride!

Children May Cry: The Angel Fish is offically awesome! Not only will he have freaked kids out when the movie first came out, but now he's going to be freaking little kids out in the ride as well. Angel fish.. you are my new hero. *salutes*

Rating: A- (I felt like a little kid riding this for the first time, and that in and of itself makes this ride one of the best in the park)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (A Re-Review of an Anime)Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

What Was I Thinking: After having rewatched Haruhi, I am now willing to admit that my previouis review was a bit harsh. I mean.. I only gave the show a "B-"? B-?! I even said it was a fun ride.. and I only gave it a B-?! xDD That had been bugging me for a while now, so now I'm going to set the record straight and say that this is probably the best anime comedy/sci-fi/drama/high-school romance/fantasy/ series I've seen so far! And yes, all five of those genres apply.

It May Be Crazy: But it isn't stupid. In my first review, I went so far as to say that Haruhi was basically a "stupid" show, when actually, it is one of the smarter comedies I've run into for a while. I guess I was just used to the angst and drama of Fullmetal Alchemist and Eureka Seven that I just couldn't appreciate "Haruhi" for what it was. A great time!

Rating: B+ (it isn't perfect by any stretch, but it is easily the best anime comedy I've seen so far. Just watch the episodes in chronological order instead of the broadcast order, and you should enjoy it)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's Story Time!

Just yesterday, my mom and grandmother managed to bribe me into going to the casino. Of course, I didn't gamble (I'm not legal yet), but instead had to stay in the hotel room while the family went to the slot machines. I rented a truly terrible Will Farrel movie called "Blades of Glory", which I suggest none of you see! @_@ It has to be one of the worst comedies I've seen since Epic Movie. While they were off gambling (aka "wasting money"), I stayed in the room and played my DS while reading my InuYasha manga (great series, by the way). At around one o' clock in the morning, my dad and I went out to eat at the casino's food court, and on the way there something completely and totally scary happened.

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I really don't see the point in these things. Honestly, it's like lighting your cash on fire.

This one Korean lady, probably late twenties early thirties, approached me. As if that wasn't weird enough, she kind of glared at me and said "I think I'm in love". xDD I responded in typical fashion, quickly walking away before she realises that she's hitting on a minor. She was obviously drunk out of her mind, but just the thought of someone hitting on me like that is kind of disturbing.. even if I was legal. Dad was laughing his butt off though! *shakes head* I had to put up with some teasing on his part until we got our food.

Speaking of the food, it took them about an hour to give us two burgers and some fries! It was absurd. Sure, it was really late at night, but this is a casino. Don't they realise that the time people are waiting for their food could be used at the craps table risking all of their supposed "savings". So anyways, the food was luke warm by the time we got it. It didn't taste so hot either (no pun intended).

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Come, waste all your hard earned cash! We'll be waiting.

I spend the rest of the night watching anime on Adult Swim, which isn't too bad once I'd gotten past the "bad English dub" gag reflex. I mean honestly, the voice for Kagome is awful! And those fedual era warriors, don't even get me started on those guys. It's still entertaining, but you think they could put more effort into making the voice work sound earnest and authentic.

So what did I learn? That drunk Korean ladies are scary! Nuff' said.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm Really Tired

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As most of the people who have hung around me know, I used to love making YouTube videos and uploading them. It was a blast! I thought ninty-percent of my videos were of questionable quality though, and I ended up getting a little burned out on it for a while there. But now that's about to change!

I found a new site on the web that has peeked my interest back into making YouTube videos. Just last night, I was making a really random vid with episodes from "The Melancholy of Haruhi". That's right, I was up till three in the morning editing and pasting together a silly anime video. xD Yeah, that thing called having a real life is still slightly out of sight.. but who can argue when I mixed Dr. Phil audio with one of my favorite anime shows? That's right! I so totally went there. *laughs*

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I swear that this will be the last Haruhi pic for a while. I swear! .... Why does no one believe me?!

I really want to start over with my YouTube thing though. I'm going to be starting a new profile and everything, although I'll alert my previous subscribers that I'll be moving (and I won't be taking my old vidoes with me). Unfortuantely, I don't think they'll be so understanding. They're an awesome group, but they can be a little needy at times. But seriously, I love you guys! I just never want to make another Kingdom Hearts video!

So anyways, now I'm super tired (I got up at six o' clock in the morning). I'm going to clean the bathrooms now, you know, wake me up to reality. :) Planning to finish my video tonight, then launch my new YouTube account. Fun fun fun, every waking minute! Will update tommorrow.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Gunstar Super Heros: You'll Need Anger Management Classes

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get a new GBA game. Yes, I still play GBA games.. you've got a problem with that? Anyways, one trip to the Wal-Mart later, I landed myself a copy of Gunstar Super Heros. I heard alot about this game from a few different sources (I think X-Play gave it a 5 out of 5, but I don't trust them anymore), so I figured I would give it a go. To make this brief, here's a number of lessons you will learn from Gunstar Super Heros.

The game may look cute, but don't let it deceive you. It'll kick your butt!

Lesson 1: DON'T START A NEW GAME ON HARD! The game is challenging enough as it is, starting off on the hardest difficulty is one way to ensure an angry/violent breakdown. I probably landed myself about 30 game overs on one boss last night. *cries* It isn't fair, damn it!

Lesson 2: Keep your cool! No matter how any times you get a game over, nothing is impossible. Even if that boss seems to have ungodly strength and an amazingly stellar special attack.. just don't let it get to you. Take yoga if you must. Find your center.

Lesson 3: If you get frusturated, start a New Game on Easy. It will relieve the stress you've been going through, trust me. Just sit back, and watch the bullets fly.

Lesson 4: Man, I need to get a life. Will blog again later.

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I think I'm gonna start havign nightmares about these guys. Getting crushed by the same boss over and over and over and over and over and over AND OVER AND OVER! *catches breath* I'm okay now, I'm okay.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

My New Super Cute Wallpaper!

This is seriously, the best wallpaper ever! :) It was so great that I had to make a little blog entry about it. You try and tell me that isn't the cutest wallpaper in the world! ... That's what I thought xDD

The Nemo Report: The Subs Are Back!

About a week ago, I had the great pleasure of riding the Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage with one of my best buds. The day wasn't exactly going smoothly for my friend, since this was his first time going to Disneyland with the homeschool group (he's public schooled). Let's just say that... he wasn't clicking very well with the rest of us. So, half-way through the day, I decided to give my friend a little piece of mind, and go on the new and improved subs without the rest of the group. They were driving him nuts! I have never seen him act so weird before.. he wouldn't speak to anyone. I had to do something about it!. Luckily I had some fun with the group, but I have a feeling he won't be coming back for seconds. We are a bit on the hyper side, afterall.
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0_0 So pretty! It makes me.. happy! Which is a big deal... for me.

So anyways, I just want to get this out of the way. THE SUBS WERE AMAZING! I haven't been this impressed by a Disneyland ride in I don't know how long. It was everything I could have possibly hoped for a Nemo based ride, and then some. Pretty much every key scene in the film is used as inspiration for the new Submarine Voyage, making the entire thing feel unusually authentic. This wasn't just some rehash that they slapped together like *coughcough*SpaceMountain*coughcough*! This was a really well put together update of an attraction that, from what I heard, really needed a fresh coat of paint to begin with.

I was seriously ranting and raving about the ride the minute I got out. I personally think it's the best thing to happen to Disneyland since Haunted Mansion.. and no I am not joking! Nemo made me feel like a little kid again, riding Indiana Jones for the very first time. I jumped, I smiled, heck I was even at the point of laughing. I felt like I was high off of "Nemo". The coolest thing is.... this ride will scare the crap out of little kids. *devilish laugh* If there's anything I love, it's seeing scared kids at Disneyland! *sigh* Brings me back to the old days.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket The subs are back! Let's just hope they never leave us again.

So what was the point of this entry? Nemo was fantastic, and you must ride it! Nuff' said. I'm going to sleep. Will have a more complete run-through of the ride when I get to my "Reviews Entry". I've already made two of them, so why not make another one. Good night!

Ouija Boards (Why I Won't Touch One)

Alright, I just got back from a little nerd research, mostly because I'm bored out of my mind right now. So anyways, I don't know how the entire thing ended up swinging towards Ouija boards.. but it did. And now I may have a little issue getting myself to sleep tonight. Not because I believe in the stuff, but because the thought of a spirit completely taking a hold of your life is the scariest thing I can possibly think of. .... I sure hope writing a blog entry about it doesn't affect my future in some freaky 'Exorcist' way. *cries*

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Be afraid. Be veeerry afraid.

So anyways, let me just go right out and say it, I am a bit of a spirtual skeptic. I believe in spirtuality and the effects it can have on people, but alot of actual spirtual concepts I find extremely hard to believe. I love alot of the concepts and I understand why people would choose to follow them, but they just don't work into how my mind runs. Which is probably why, I don't have a specific religion. Don't have one now, and probably will never have one. I'm just happy living my life the way it is. So why would a plastic board made by Parker Brothers scare me? Because of the possibility that there might be something out there, and that I could possibly screw up my life because of it. That's reason enough to stay away from Ouija boards.

I mean, are we so curious to talk to spirits that we are willing to put everything on the line because of it. After looking up Ouija boards online, and after watching a few YouTube videos (which are probably acted out by the way), there is no way I'd be willing to risk my sanity to experiment with this stuff. People have gone nuts over these things! It has happened! They were probably already a little nuts before they tried it, but still.. you've gotta admit that's really scary. All of a sudden you could be lying in your bed, and you've just realised that you have an unwanted guest in your room (and he isn't a Grim Grinning Ghost). Scccaaarrrrrryyy!
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Another picture of the same damn thing! *sigh* What can I insert here that would be geeky?

But after reading some brief histories about Ouija boards, my sceptism can't help but turn on full blast. Would Parker Brother's really sell a game at Toys R' Us that truly allowed you to communicate with evil spirits. If so many people have experimented with this stuff and all of them have had "horrible edge of your seat horror flick experiences", then why hasn't the thing been BANNED YET! I know some hardcore Christian groups have probably already tried, but you get what I'm saying. Parker Brothers is not linked with the devil or to any spirtual realm out there. Parker Brothers sells board games!

Then you have people on the other side of things that say that, well, it doesn't matter if it was made by a board game company. If a demon or evil spirit finds a way to communicate, it will use it. Which brings me to my next point.. if demon's were so keen on corrupting people and taking over their lives, you would think that they would find better means then to use a piece of prediticable plastic which only seems to work if you have two people in the room. It brings to my mind a scene from the Sixth Sense where the kid looks away from what he was writing, and his true feelings would just start spilling out onto the paper while he kept his hand moving. Why wouldn't evil spirtis just try and do something like that? That seems to make alot more sense. Why do they need to have this magical entrance (aka the Parker Brother's Ouija board) to talk to you. If demons really did exist, I think we would see their actions more often within our everyday world.. and the fact that it seems to be only those that are religious or mentally ill that claim to have seen them and their corruption.. well that doens't quite cut it for me. The things that are corrupting our world are evil people, not some mythological force that no one can really seem to accurately describe.

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It's geeky, and yet kind of sort of on topic. You know, because of withces and the occult and.. yeah. It was basically an excuse to throw an anime girl into this otherwise creepy entry!

*catches my breath* Of course, that doesn't mean that something weird might not be out there. Heck, I could be wrong about the entire evil spirt thing. That's why I'm never touching an Ouija board! After seeing and reading all that creepy stuff on the Web, I personally think the things shouldn't be sold in mainstream stores. Stuff linked with spirtualtiy in such an easy exciting way can play with people's minds, no matter who you are. If I got up in front of a Ouija board, which I won't because they scare me, some weird stuff might happen. Now whether this would be linked towards a spirit realm, or whether it is just purely in my head.. that's something else entirely.

Wow, maybe it isn't such a great idea to read about this stuff late at night. :) Will tell you guys if anything weird happens, which it won't (well, probably anyways). *jumps as my IM begins making noise* I will try and update soo! *bows* Peace out!

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