Sunday, April 08, 2007

SCR: The Best Years of My Life Thus Far (Part 2)

Well, a few days I made the first part of what will be a little mini-series of entries talking about my time at SCR. This will hopefully become a trend with my new blog entries, since I want to talk alot about my own life and not just about my current geek interests. After all, it is "The Journey of a Geek", not just "The Geek".

Once I had finished my acting classes with Joe (for those of you just tuning in, one of my acting instructors), I decided to auditon for a program called the Junior Players. Quite a bit more advanced then the usual lessons, Junior Players was a group that not only included the typical classroom lessons that were common at South Coast, but also invovled the students in an actual play. This of course meant, actually performing in front of an audience that consisted of more then just your friends and family. That was what really tickled my fancy! I wanted to know what that was like, and whether I would actually be able to compose myself within that context. So I auditioned.. with a scene from Jurassic Park. If I was a little more experienced and maybe a little bit older, I would have auditioned with something else. What was really shocking was that... they liked it! They were laughing along with me!

If you've seen the movie Jurassic Park, there's this scene in the begginning where John Hammond is introducing them to the museum tour, which includes a rather silly Disneyland-ish video invovling an animated DNA strand presenting the concepts of cloning. I was the DNA strand! And they loved it for some reason. They did ask me to do it again with a different mindset, which kind of freaked me out. I learned later that they will do this to you everytime you audition for anything, not because you did anything particularly wrong, but because they want to test you. See how you react to new situations and new territory. So I went in with the new directions they gave (they asked me to play it seriously), and I nailed it!

For the next few days, my soul was off in the heavens somewhere. You could probably see me prancing about the house in anticipation, waiting for them to call back with the news. I kept reminding myself that there were probably twenty other kids who went in there with Shakesphere, and the chances of them picking the dweeb with the Jurassic Park audition wasn't very good. Much to my surprise, they called back with not only news, but good news! I got accepted into that year's "SCR Junior Players." If you could've seen me face, it was probably complete and utter shock mixed with a rush of nirvana. I actually made it! It was like... winning the lottery to my little twelve year old mind. You know what the coolest thing was? I didn't have to study! I already had the entire movie down in my head from repeated geek charged viewings Oh yeeeeeaaaaahhh, I felt like the man.

Nothing could prepare me for the unusual experience that went by the name of "Junior Players".. but that will have to wait till next time. For now, this old hermit needs to read more Bleach volumes and finish Eureka Seven. May The Geek Be With You!

Weird Al being his typical song spoofing movie lapooning self.

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Yay for Weird Al and your acting!

A DNA Strand.... XD!!!!!!!