Friday, April 06, 2007

Religion: The World's Greatest Inspiration

You know what I find fascinating? The fact that there are so many religions out there, and most of them all share the same concepts and themes. All are locked into this wonderous concept that there is a spirtual realm beyond our own, and that us as mortals have an obligation to use our lives to the fullest (or worship to the fullest). It just blows my mind to think that so many people would all rally under one banner, and take up this certain religion that they've chosen as the core of their moral and spirtual beliefs. To think that just through the belief of a higher power, people are able to change their lives for the better. Through the power of faith, people are able to find a new meaning to live, something beyond the everyday grind of our world. They can feel the change happening inside of them, basically changing their entire perception of the universe. Now that's something truly amazing!

Not everyone manages to be so lucky though. Some individuals manage to enrich their lives through faith, and still others remain as cruel and sinful as they ever were. Religion and spirtuality isn't an insant cure to our everyday problems, but it is one of the most inspiring forms of self-motivation to ever come into existence. It can open up your heart and mind to new experiences, and even dramatically change your relationships with loved ones. :) Just thinking about it sets me in a whole new frame of mind. When I look into any kind of religion that has benefited the faithful's lives in a considerable fashion, it makes me feel lighter. *laughs* I don't know how to explain it.. but I feel better about myself and my surroundings. Alot of the tasks that earlier in the day seemed extremely irriating or frusturating seemed like a breeze now that I looked at it from this new perspective. I kind of felt like nothing was beyond me, that I could make a difference if I gave it my best shot. That doesn't happen everyday.

There is a sense of wonder when I look at all of the world's religions as a whole, and not just the one I was born into. I really don't believe in the entire concept of heaven and hell, because how can a Budhist who has found such spirtual and self peace with themself possibly be punished for it? I believe there is a spirtual realm beyond our understanding, and we will never quite understand how it functions and interlocks with our world. Maybe some day we'll find the answers, but until that day comes, I am perfectly contend with leaving it as the world's greatest mystery. As long as I can keep this sensation with me everytime I think about spirtuality, I think whatever God or Being that is out there will be pleased with the way I've developed since my childhood. :) If there is a heaven... I'm confident I will go there someday. And if there isn't.. it was still one helluva ride.

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RhythmUnbroken said...

Interesting post. Thanks, Kaleb! :)


RhythmUnbroken said...

"If there is a heaven... I'm confident I will go there someday. And if there isn't.. it was still one helluva ride."

Love it.