Sunday, April 15, 2007

Old Family Memories

You know when you look through the old photo albums or video tapes from about ten years back and you rediscover those old memories that you had since forgotten? Little bits and pieces of your childhood slowly coming back to you the more and more you watch or examine. Old houses, old hairstyles, old people, all the things that had slowly disappeared as time swept forward. That's why things like video recording devices and photos can seem trivial, but are ultimately necessary instrumentss in keeping said memories intact. Who wants to forget those crazy Disneyland trips anyways? Not me!

Mom was going through the old family videos today, trying to find our tape that chronicled our first trip to Hawaii. After going through nearly a dozen little time capsules (when put together they span about eight years, with a few jumps), we had no luck finding the one containing our Hawaii vacation. Which was a bummer, sincewe're going to be taking another trip to Hawaii starting this Saturday, and it would have been wild watching the old then recording the new. xD I really can't wait.. but that's besides the point.

We ended up watching bits from each of the tapes, which was really weird. Dad looked really really freaky with a moustache! I was, on the whole, perhaps the cutest baby you could possibly think of. :) Or at least I think so.. but then again, I could be a little bit biased on that account. After a few minutes, nearly the entire family parked themselves in front of the TV, completely engaged in past activites and events. It was just reeeeaaally trippy for some reason, kind of like time travelling through the television set.

After an hour or two, I decided to bust out the ol' DVD Camera and start recording some random stuff around the house. After all, we did have a couple empty discs, and what else were we going to record on them? No time better the present, that was my current motto. And thus began my quest to annoy everyone around the house with my video camera (technically it's mom's camera, but she always lets me use it). It was really silly and quite pointless, but I'm sure ten years down the line it'll be just as trippy and enjoyable as all the other video's of our family we've been accumilating over the years. Then a cool thought struck me.

Wouldn't it be neat if for every week, I had managed to record one disc's worth of video? You could start all the way from the begginning, and watch straight through an entire year almost like a television series. Mind you, at some points in my life I would have to skip weeks, but it's a really cool concept. The discs aren't too expensive, and it doesn't suck up that much time at all (it only takes thirty minutes to fill up an entire disc). Some kind of bizarre little treat to keep for myself, and maybe eventually I could share it with my kids. xD Of course, they probably wouldn't care.. but I will.

So I would like to dedicate this blog entry to the video camera, one of the world's coolest electronic devices. :) I'll keep you all posted if I do actually decide to record my life one disc at a time.. but I doubt it. It was just a really cool thought that I felt like sharing with the world. =) May The Geek Be With You!

Blending a video camera?! You've gotta be kidding right?


RhythmUnbroken said...

YAY for videos! I love your videos (from Sombrero Man to See Saw to your vlogs!).

I certainly wouldn't mind if you made more.

Kaleb Stewart said...

Well, they wouldn't be public videos (these are my own private videos for me and my family). LOL, I have no real intentions of making the same stuff I used to make all the time... have kinda grown out of it to be honest. Just isn't as exciting as it used to be.

Plus, just filming a home video every week means that I don't have to do any editing. You just type it, finalize it, and that's it. Something I can easily do even with a busier schedule.

RhythmUnbroken said...

O_O!!! I just watched that video.

That disgusts me.