Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Description of Myself

If you've been keeping up with my blog entries thus far, you no doubt know that I'm huge geek, but I haven't entirely thrown my personality out there for everyone to see. Since I want this to bascially be my life story as told through sloppy badly proof read blog entries, I have decided to make my own character profile of sorts. Slightly influenced by the character profiles commonly found in my favorite manga volumes (no shock there), this should throw a bunch of random details about myself out there for everyone to see. Please enjoy these very juicy pieces of Kaleb Knowledge!

Role Models: My Parents (taught me everything I know about morality and life in genreal), George Lucas (taught me to follow my dreams), and Peter Jackson (same as Lucas)

Favorite movies: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (one word... amazing), Star Wars Trilogy (most cherished movies from my childhood), and Jurassic Park (one of the best thrill-a-minute rides of the 90's)

Favorite televison shows: Stargate SG-1 (great characters, great writing, and some thought provoking stories), Stargate Atlantis (same reasons as SG-1), Fullmetal Alchemist (one of the best anime shows.. period), and Bleach (anime action/drama/comedy at its finest).

Things I Love: Movies, anime, manga, happy people acting happy, writing, drama, and my mother!

Things I Hate: hateful people doing hateful things

What I Hope Will Come From the Future: I really want to be a father! What will end up being my major goal is to find
that special someone, stay married a few years to see if we can ever stand each other, then have the baby. I really want to make sure that the realationship can be stable before having the child. Bitter relationship between parents= unhappy child (in my book at least)

This song is strangely addicting! Another fact about myself.

My Description of the World: It's a mess.. but a beautiful mess brimming with qualites. Just stay away from the gloomy dark alleys and you should be fine.

People I Would Like to Meet: George Lucas (one of my idols), Peter Jackson (another one of my idols), Keira Knightly (just to say that I met one of my top crushes), and God (who wouldn't wanna meet God).

Features I Love About Myself: my quirkyness, my non-agressive nautre, my hair, my love of the Japanese

Features I Would Rather Change About Myself: My nose and my acne back.

Favorite quote: "Do.. or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

Favorite candy: Warheads all the way, baby!

Favoirte food: I am pizza addict, no doubts about it.

Favoirte color: Red all the way, baby!

Yoda break dancing?

Yeeeeaaaaahhh, that was kinda pointless. :) Hoped you all enjoyed it though. *makes peace sign* May The Geek Be With You!


RhythmUnbroken said...

I love how you love about yourself that you love Japanese....

That's a nice and unselfish goal you've got there. ;)

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