Thursday, April 12, 2007

Peaceful Quiet

Life is one enormous roller coaster ride of emotions, and not having a moment of peace makes it even more difficult to hold on. I haven't had much to do over the last couple weeks, so I've been trying my hand at spirtuality, with some rather interesting results. What I find fascinating is that when I put aside just a few moments to pray every morning , I feel more motivated and active throughout the course of the day then if I didn't pray. While I pray, I tend to focus on the things that are good in my life, thus placing me in a more postive active state of mind. Which, needless to say, is quite awesome!

I put aside my own time to communicate with whatever is out there, and a surreal kind of change occasionally happens. My emotions seems to balance out, and alot of the harder edged emotions that pop-up frequently in my day to day life feel considerably dulled. I still have the emotions, and I'm still not the world's perfect man, but praying seems to help a little more then I was expecting. Truly a great way to begin and end each day! There is a kind of peaceful quiet that envelopes me, if only for a few minutes. Still, that moment of serenity really helps when I know the day is going to be a little harsher then usual, or when I just want to give my thanks for what will no doubt be a great day around the Playstation. :) I'm very thankful for my Playstation.

What a Twist!! Something that has nothing to do with the rest of the entry!

The freedom of conversation is invigorating, since I can say things to God that I have great diffculty speaking about to other people. If I feel guilty or hurt about anything, the option to pray usually comes to mind. So I kneel in front of my bed, and have a silent conversation with my God. Thinking patterns seem to gradualy clear up the more emotions I let out, leaving my body feel like a clean slate. There is a promise that today will be better then tommorrow, because I have the will and integrity to make it so.

Was it an instant cure to all of my life problems? Nope! My room is still a mess, and I still haven't gotten around to cleaning my bathroom. You can still find me staring at my computer instead of engaging in more fulfilling real life situations with *gasp* REAL PEOPLE! What it has provided me with though, is a rough foundation for a better tomorrow. So here's to the future, and it's many oppurtinites! May The Geek Be With You!


RhythmUnbroken said...

Good for you!

Kaleb Stewart said...

LOL, have you noticed that I've been writing about the same thing for three entires now? I think it's about time I get a little more creative with my blog entires.