Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Windows of Your Body

(Warning: I did not proofread this. Mistakes ahead!)

I was thinking today.. and this is kind of a mind-boggling kind of thing. I was thinking about the brain. Lets take into consideration that everyone in the world basically has this super computer in their skull. It can process tons of process, it can store alot more information then iPod can, and it's able to absorb the enviornment around you. It's the conductor of your body. Yet it doesn't always seem to work.

Lets delve into this a little further. Truly, it's human motivation that makes the brain work at its greatest potential. If you're in school (for example) and you're just sitting down at your desk twidling your thumbs, the brain is like a computer on stand-by. It isn't taking anything in. Yet when you're motivated, and you want to lear and you want to be there (or you just wanna "do your best"), that's when it starts actually functioning.

So to you, my trusted readers, I have this to say. When in you're in a tough fix, and you don't know how you're going to get out of it. Take a deep breath, close your eyes for a moment, and let that "Windows of Your Body" boot up. Motivate it, commit to it, and let the proccessor go. Just make sure it's running on "XP" and not "Vista". LOL, geek joke!

This time, the video has some different stuff to say. I made it before I wrote the blog entry. So everything on the video is just me rambling. lol


Me said...

XD Oh please, not Vista!!

The Otaku Venom said...

You'll be in the middle of class, it'll work fine and then all of a sudden CRASH! xD!!