Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm Seventeen... But I Don't Feel Any Different


Today, something very strange happened. I turned seventeen. I hear the number and I'm thinking to myself... man, I'm getting old. Not old in the sense of "man I'm old" more in the sense of "jeez, I'm seventeen and I don't feel anymore responsbile then when I was fifteen". So more important then me turning seventeen, what do I need to do now. What can I do to improve myself.

#1: I need to get along with writing my stories! I have about three cool ideas buzzing around in my head, I just can't seem to get them commited to paper. There is one infact, that I'm working out a script for (yes, a script, because one of my dreams is to make movies), and it seems to be coming along pretty well. I mean, it isn't an actual script yet, it isn't in the "proper format", but I've got all of the dialouge and stuff down alright. For two scenes anyways. They're beautiful scenes though. I've noticed that female characters are far more intresting to write for then male characters. Weird personal preference of mine.

#2: I need to become a bit more responsible as an individual. I'm nice. I'm most certainly not a jerk or anything, but man.. I could be a heck of alot more responsible. I need to take charge of my life instead of letting other people make my path for me. For the last year or so it's basiclaly been "I'll do whatever I need to do and nothing more then that". And really, that's not the kind of indivdual I want to be rememberd as when I die. I want to be remembered as somebody who jumped in and did "everything that he could do". Not just someone who got away with doing "just enough". Not that's bad or anything, but there is room for improvement, just like there is for everything.
And... really that's about it. I like the way I am right now, and besides becoming more responsible and bit more motivated, I'm pretty happy. So instead of talking about what are basically "New Year's Resoultions", let me summarize how my birthday went.

We went to the mall, we went shopping, we went out to eat. I now have all twelve volumes of Death Note as well as a couple more voulmes of Excel Saga, one volume of School Rumble, and one volume of Berzerk. Nothing too exciting, but I managed to get a load of cool manga out of it. Oh! And we went out to eat, that was really nice. If you haven't tried it already, BJ's pizza is amazing. I'm a massive pizza lover, and I've gotta admit, their pizza is probably the best I've ever had. No joke, I seriously think it is the best pizza.

So before I go mumbling on for too long, let me just say that, well, I feel that being seventeen is going to be a very special thing. Not because I'm one year older, but because if I develop as much "emotinally" as I had last year, I can't wait to see the man who emerges on my eigteenth birthday. So that'll just about rap this entry up. Bye y'all! (lol, bye y'all? That's... so not cool)

The video version of this blog entry. This is something I'm going to be doing quite often now, so look forward to it!

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Me said...

Well, I'll continue to pester you nightly about your story writing and maybe it will turn into motivation (as it seems to sometimes! =D!)

Here's to seventeen. Hope it is better than all the years before.