Monday, January 07, 2008

Disneyland Trip: A Short Summary

(I did not edit this blog entry before posting, so there's bound to be mistakes)

School is starting soon. Studies will take over my time. My manga will gather a bit of dust while I pick my bigger more imposing "World Religions" textbook. My figurines will be lonely. So what must one do at a time like this? Go to Disneyland!

Classes start tommorrow, so this was the perfect time to visit the Magic Kingdom. Plus, I was going with a very good friend of mine. We had a ton of fun! So much fun stuff happened today that it's very difficult to pick out highlights. It's probably best summed up in my video blog, which if you're interested is linked at the very bottom of this page. Describing a day like this in text is very difficult to do... but by god, I'll try!

First off, there was alot of injokes. ALOT! As if adding "-kun" to the end of every name wasn't strange enough, our discussions of 'crack pairings" probably weirded out more then one person waiting in line.

(for those of you not in the know, a 'crack pairing' is when you take two different characters, often times from different shows or movies, and make them a couple. For example: "Harry Potter and Arwen". Makes for great family discussions!)

Furthermore, what made this day even more awesome then it already is.. I got a Jack Skellington figurine! Actually, it isn't really Jack Skellington in the traditonal sense. It's Jack in his "Pumpkin King" form from the beginning of the movie. He looks like a scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head. It's very cool! *bows* Thanks Beck!

So if you're interested in hearing more about the trip, check out the video. Pure Kaleb blog goodness!


Me said...

Missed you at Disney yesterday D:

Hope you can make it Friday. Seriously.

Chalise-chan said...

Why would you add -kun to everyone?