Monday, January 07, 2008

A Visit to 4chan

(WARNING: I did not edit this entry after typing, so there's bound to be errors)

I've learned alot in my days of being an anime geek, one of them being that not all anime geeks are alike. You have one anime geek who is actually a normal guy going about their day to day lives who just so happen to find Japanese animation fascinating, then you have the guys who are completey obsessed (and kinda scary, and finally you have the guys like me who are kind of inbetween the two. Don't get me wrong, I think I'm perfectly normal... but I do own more figurines then your average seventeen year old.

So in order to prove to myself that I'm a "real anime fan", I decided to visit a "real anime fans" forum. That's right.. I visited 4chan! *dumdumdum*

Despite the somewhat 'adult' nature of the site, I found my stay to be quite entertaining. The site is structured in a way that pretty much anyone can say anything to anyone. There are rules, but I'm begginning to wonder how strict the actual moderation is on the site. There's some sections where the moderation is completely nonexistent infact (it's usually marked with a red "18+" sign.. you never know what you can find on there). Describing the way the site works would be pointless, because I don't entirely understand it myself, and thus explaining it would just make me look a idiot. Or in 4chan speak "my blog=failed". LOL, I r so clever.

It is an anime forum for the most part, but there's plenty of sections on the site. Although.. the anime forum did kind of creep me out. Some of these guys are very strange, to say the very least. But that's all part of the fun of the site. It's a place where geeks and nerds can: "insult, bash, hate, flame, spam, and lol". What more can one desire! Maybe a girlfriend (although, these guys seem perfectly content with their cartoon girls).

It was a fun experience, and I actually found myself participating in some of the forum debates. I was bashed and flamed on a frequent basis, but I laughed everytime it happened. Plus, it was a huge confidence booster! For you see, I may be a geek, but not on the same level the guys on that forum are. I still have a strand of sanity left. Then again... totally insane anime geeks are alot more fun then regular people.

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