Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Revenge of the Needle

Well, the nursing program is going to start this Monday. You can't believe how excited I am about this!! I am literally off the walls freaking out over here! After what seemed like forever, I'll finally be doing something meaningful and pull my life in an interesting new direction.. you know, outside of anime. But joining the wonderful world of nursing also means that I'll have to get certain immunites to particular diseases, which of course means that I have to visit the doctor once again. Exciting.. I know.

It was a somewhat interesting experience though, since I'm seeing hospitals and other medical facilities from a whole new perspective. Someday, I'll end up working at one of these places, so I better get used to the atmosphere now. They're really neat actually. You've got a bunch of guys running around treating patients, comforting the sick, and even preparing families for the possibility of death (okay, that part isn't so neat). Nurses are an important piece in the medical puzzle, and being in the place where the action happens was thought provoking. I didn't see anything particularly interesting, but there was something enlightening about seeing what may become one of my homes away from home in the following years.

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I remember that line! Wow.. I'm having flashbacks to my childhood now. *wipes away a tear*

After one generally painless shot and some drawn blood, I have learned to know the needle.. you must first fear it! xDDD Sure, I'll be just fine if I ever have to inject somone with a needle, but if I'm on the receiving end of one of those things 0_0 I'll take it, but my face will turn beet red in the process. I am what we in the medical field call "The iPod Patient." With ear-buds placed firmly in each ear, I can just pretend I'm at home not getting a shot. :) There's nothing quite like hearing the song "Candy Pop" while someone is sticking a needle into your arm. *hums along* I really don't understand why I love that song, it's really cheesy and overproduced pop song. Catchy though (wow, that was off topic).

Guess what?! Tomorrow, they're gonna stick me with even more needles. *applause sounds in the background* Until tomorrow comes, I intend to spend my time reading, writing, and watching anime! May the Geek Be With You.

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I just couldn't help but think this funny. That's me, the student nurse! *squeals*


RhythmUnbroken said...

What kind of shots are you getting?


The Otaku Venom said...

A bunch of different immunites that I can't remember the names of. But alot of em I already have.. so I won't have to take another injection until another ten years or so.

The usual stuff. Protection from that Hippytitis B stuff (and yes, I mis-spelt it on purprsoe) and alot of different things along those lines. Although, I was pretty sure the doctor said I only need to be injected with a couple of things... gah! I need to pay more attention.