Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mu-Mu-Muh-Make Up Exam!!!!!!!

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Hola, my loyal readers! I haven't been updating my blog much recently, but it's for a good reason. School is offically working me to the bone! Not in a bad way, of course.. but it has been rather exhausting. Lots of homework assignments, tons of terms to hammer down, and at least a few gallons of new concepts poured on top of it all. So right now I'm just going to try and relax.. while lifting a three-way blog update. :) Makin up for lost time, that's what I call it.

There have been a few shockers though. One of them of course being the fact that I... kind of failed my very first test. I'm not sure if any of you know, but I am perhaps one of the world's worst test takers. Getting nervous isn't even the begginning of it.. I start double guessing myself. I ended up flunking what was a pretty basic math test. There was something more to it then just "exam jitters" though. I got a little cocky, and assumed I knew all of the matieral when what I really needed to do was go over it at least a few more times. I started giving my answers in decimal form even though I was supposed to give them in fraction form and.. it just became a mess. One of the big "whooops, I should have payed more attention" moments was when I got the test back and realised that I was only supposed to round to the tenth spot on the 'decimal division' problems. *sigh*

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Luckily, we did have a make-up exam! Nearly half the class failed the exam, so that made me feel a tad-bit better. I was sorta depressed for the couple days before the make-up exam though. Feelings of bitterness aren't common in my day to day life, but I just couldn't help it. It was such a huge change for me, actually having to put all of my heart and soul into something in order to achieve my goals. I'm more used to things being given to me a silver platter :) Not that I'm spolied of course, but I'm used to a more laid-back comfortable kind of living. This has already been a great learning experience for me, but we'll just have to see whether I truly learned anything based on next Monday's test. I just know I'm going to do better this time. Now I'm prepared for what's ahead of me, and I know that one little smudge isn't going to keep me from painting the bigger picture of my future. Here's hoping for near honor student status coming up in the next couple months! That's my current goal at the moment, and I sure hope it doesn't slip through my fingers again.

I managed to pass the make-up exam with flying colors, even though the maximum amount of points we can receive is 75. xDD That made me feel a little better, but I'm still pretty dissapointed. Wish me luck!