Thursday, May 10, 2007

Le Update on Le School

Alright, the first week of nursing school is now offically over! Only another fourteen months until I can go out and work as an LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse), and make a minor amount of green. But of course that isn't the important part of the job.. the important thing is that I'll be helping sick people to recovery. It's going to take alot of adjusting and effort, but eventually I think I'll be a really awesome nurse! Honestly, I'm gonna rock the house.. or rock the hospital.. or care center... or whatever. The point is, the more and more I'm studying into this field, the more I realise that this is gonna be one rewarding job. There are going to be days where it'll be complete and utter choas, but that's going to happen no matter which carrer path I tromp down. *squeals* Can't wait until I graduate!

Let me tell you though, the study load is really hefty. You basically go to school, go straight home, complete all your homework, maybe get an hour of anime and video games in, and go to bed. xDD Which isn't too bad now that I think about it, but to me it's like being thrown to the sharks. I'm not used to this kind of schedule, especially because I hadn't been to college sense the begginning of last semester. So yeah, I basically had a couple months there where I didn't have any real goals set until the nursing program started. Luckily, it's giving me a quick kick in the motivator!

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Photobucket is truly an awesome site. *sigh* I remember Pokemon. So many hundreds of dollars wasted on collectible toys that I never used. I want my nine-hundred bucks back!

One thing that I did find surprising was that we've been doing alot of math. The first couple days were basically nothing but math, which wasn't quite what I was expecting. It's completely understandable though, because they want to get the basics out of the way before they actually go and teach you all of the patient stuff. I have heard quite a few interesting stories from our teacher though... vomit is very common in this field 0_0

I feel pretty exhausted right now, but in a good way! I just spend the week studying, and luckily the class has Friday off. Yay! Gives me more time to study for the test that's coming up. *stands tall and proud* I did score one-hundred percent on my first quiz. *nods* I want to try and keep my grade point average around that level even if I have to sacrifice watching those Emma episodes (the latest anime series that I've been watching). So until next time people.. MAY THE GEEK BE WITH YOU! *bows and exits stage left*


Sara said...

Omg! It is so cool that you are gonna be a LVN! I know I said that in my email, but after reading this I am even more excited for you! =D

The Otaku Venom said...

I know! It's gonna be awesome. I'm having a few issues with keeping myself study motivated (damn that Final Fantasy XII and it's tempting ways). But still, I should do pretty well!