Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bleach: The Rock Musical

Okay, just the other night I discovered something magical. Something profound.. something that I think will truly change my life forever. I am of course speaking of "The Bleach Rock Musical". A Japan only musical based off of one of my favorite all-time anime cartoons. Let me just say that the moment I found out about it, I was having massive "geek attacks". They're kind of like heart attacks, just with subtitles and lightsabers (all the nerds know what I'm talking about). So anyways, the entire premise is really quite cool. Take one of the best anime cartoons out there, and translate the first sixty or so episodes into a musical ala "Rent" or "We Will Rock You". Sounds like a train wreck right? Well, it kind of is. And that's what makes it so compelling!

If you're a fan of the show, you have to see this. Even if you hate musicals, you have to see this! Even if the thought of Ichigo singing sappy rock ballads makes you throw up a little, you still have to see this! Just watch the clip below, you'll understand.

Somewhere in geek heaven, someone came up with this. To that man.. I thank you!

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