Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Process of Writing a Fan Fiction

I think everyone is well aware with my recent fascination with Japanese animation (also known as anime). I don't know exactly what it is, but the mix of unique animation and serialised situations is incredibly gripping. A few months ago I was watching the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, and I thought it was quite entertaining. But there was so much lost potential. The ending really leaves you longing for a spin-off, but the creators have it quite clear that the movie is the offical ending to the series. This led me of course to one of my "If I Was the Director" thought sessions. I ended up with this very rough version of what I thought would be an interesting sequel to the series. This ended up being my fan fiction.

Then I started to realise just how difficult it is to fine tune an orginal plot within an already well established world with a very particular set of rules. So... I tweaked some stuff around. To say the very least. But it's ultimately stuff they would have added and tweaked around if they were going to make a sequel anyways. So ha! I win!

Anyways, I've only finished the first three chapters. Chapter 4 is still in the works, and is probably going to be the least dramatic chapter yet.. meaning that it's gonna be very difficult to write. Writing for greatly dramatic scenes usually comes very easily to me, but writing for the softer/quieter aspects of the story is usually more difficult. Part of the reason why I've been putting off writing my novel (that I started about a year ago and never finished). The responses have actually been really positive, so I'm actually going to try and finish this one. The later chapters are going to be a real trip, I've got some crazy ideas on how implement the show's main characters back into the story (there aren't any at the begginning of the story). So yeah, it's gonna be exciting! And now, I should really do something constructive instead of blogging about my geek life. Peace!

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