Tuesday, March 13, 2007

In Charge of my Own Happiness

This is something that I've been thinking about for a while, and it's really gotten into the core of who I am.. though I don't always apply it. It's the truth that outside influences aren't always the ones involved in our happiness, that infact much of it is eternal. We often fall into outside influences and obstacles that trip up our emotions, but ultimately what decides if we acknowledge said emotion is what is going on up in your head. Meaning that irrations like "stress" or "boredom" can be countered (not easily I might add) by your own mental will.

I have had alot of experiences where I just give up, and hope someone else will clean up my mess. I'm human, I do that. But let's look at this from a mental perspective. I had a choice to choose to finish what I started, or to push it on someone else and walk out. I could have choosen the "pure path", meaning doing what I knew was right.. but instead I choose the path most tread, the "path of irresponsibility". But I could have been perfectly happy doing the work if I had set myself up mentally to do it, and look at it from a different perspective.

See, what usually helps is my relating it to a good video game. You often have to trudge through alot of leveling up and making sacrifices in order to reach your goal of beating it. Ultimately, that is what life is like. Even though you may not enjoy certain elements, that doesn't mean that the reward won't be well worth it in the end. Especially when with an adjusted mind-set, even some of the most every-day chores can be more rewarding then anything else you experience that day. I remember a day when I cleaned up all of the bathrooms for my mother, even though I personally hated the work. But in the end, I felt really great about it. She thanked me, and I had made her life slightly easier just by using two hours of my free-time to help her. Not only did I feel great, but it was one of the most rewarding things I had done that entire week. Remembering that state of mind, the next few times I cleaned the bathroom seemed much easier and enjoyable then they usually were. Why? Because I was in control of the emotinal output, by supplying myself with the feeling. Not neccesairly an outside influence, but something that happened within myself.

It's really a shame how little you see this kind of behavior in people. How often does it actually happen within ourselves? Not very often, I know. But.. haven't we been given this gift of life for a reason. Aren't we gifted with this thing so we can be the best person we can be? Yes.. but we often forget about the passion that drives us, getting caught up in the daily grind. But wait! Don't think of it as a grind! Think of it as an oppurtinity. You see, I believe that no matter who you are, you can find some means of being happy. It may be harder for some then others, but if they manage to find the inner strenght within themselves.. they can find happiness. They may just be looking in the wrong place.

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Thanks for sharing your happiness/inspiration to get through the day! More people should think this way. :)