Friday, January 12, 2007

Myspace: Bringing Adult Videos to Teens Everywhere

I don't usually make blogs like this. Most of the time, I would be typing about some dumb movie I just saw or about how I'm going ga-ga for some new anime series. But I just logged onto Myspace last night and scanned around the videos... and I cannot believe how much pornographic matieral is on there. It makes me sick, I know alot of kids who are under eighteen (some much younger then that) who have Myspace accounts, and when they're gonna click onto the videos section the first thing they're gonna be treated to is... I really don't feel like going into detail.

Soooo, is Myspace even concerned with this issue? Based off of my observations... no, they really don't care. Their video section is fairly recent, so it is understandable that it lacks many of the features you would find on YouTube, but the lack of a video age blocker is just irresponsible. Sure, it's easy to bypass, but it gives some kids the slap on the wrist they deserve before viewing any adult content. On Myspace, you can just view the video without any sort of "This is Adult Content" warning... mind you, the title is usually a dead give-away, but you know what I mean.

I really have no idea what this has to do with Myspace... but it's a cool picture!

*shakes head* The fact that MySpace hasn't even addressed this makes me sick! They haven't done a single damn thing. No age blocker, no title blocker, zip! If you think about it, they could easily just program the site to reject anything with the term "sex" or "porn" in the title. How hard could that be! Then no one else has to deal with this filth, and the people who do wish for that kind of content can go back to finding it the old-fashioned way. I know it wouldn't elimanate all of the adult content that would be on there, but at least it wouldn't be as blantantly obvious and disgusting.

Alright, that was a nice short little rant.. I believe I shall go back to writing about anime and how cool Rukia is. Until next time, May the Geek Be With You!


Anonymous said...

Blocking the titles "sex" or anything else will not help. People will still type "s3x", etc.

I think maturity has more to do with you watching videos than age. However, Youtube's "flagging" is occasionally a good thing. Sometimes you don't expect a video to have certain material in it, but it will warn you. Of course, anyone can "verify" that they are 18 on the internet.

No, I don't have a *solution* to this problem, but I am just making points.

So long for now...

Kaleb Stewart said...

:) Wow.. you certainly have some valid points. But seriously though, what I was saying with the word blocking thing is simply that.. oh never mind. I just find it slightly disturbing that it is so obvious and they do nothing about it. A title blocker wouldn't help too much, but it would at least mean that they would have to dig further to find the vids (and knowing teenagers, the guilt might come in at that point). It's like.. right there, for everyone to see. You don't even have to search for it, and it's right there! :( Bad Myspace, bad! (I'm in a ranting mood right now, if you haven't already noticed).
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