Sunday, August 06, 2006


I'll just say that last night was a blast!! I went to this dance at the home school expo (I don't remember exactly what it was called). Woah... IT WAS AWESOME!! It was like awesome to the third power! No, it was even more awesome then that! It was like... SUPER AWESOME! Yeah, I'm a little hyper right now. *bounces off the walls*

Name: Russell
Favorite Animal: Ninja Penguins with Chainsaws!
We Never: Want to See Russell with his Shirt Off Ever Again!!!

Yeah, it was quite a night. The only real dissapointment was the fact that I wasn't made a posse leader by my friends (meaning that they all got cool canes, and I was stuck with the broken crappy cane). Yeeeaaahh, we're a very strange group. Strange in a strangely awesome strange way! They are all amazing, and we all have some great quirks (I love quirky people). Friends can make a great dance even more brilliant and electric. Especially when you keep bugging them randomly throughout the evening. While we're on the topic of bugging people, I would like to apoligise to James for my constantly annoying nature towards his person.

I think I've already mentioned that the dance was amazing, but did I mention that I danced like a somewhat retarded geek? Well, I did! It was brilliance in a can, and then some! They could have played less rap and hip-hop, but most of the music was pretty good.

Name: Christine
Age: 14
Least Favorite Song: You're Beautiful by James Blunt

Yeah, it was a fuuuunn night! Dancing with random people, singing along to "I Will Surive", and doing the "Spaz Attack" to dozens and dozens of songs! I danced till I couldn't dance anymore! Now my legs feel like logs, I slept till some ungodly hour, but I'm still dancing around the house like some kind of crazy person. SIGN ME UP FOR THE NEXT ONE!


shadowjak said...

Lol. Glad you had fun man...

Kaleb Stewart said...

Thanks shadowjak! Yep, I'm glad I had fun as well.

Yuffs said...

LOL You sound like you had some phun~
XD I recently had a lil kareoke thing with my friends,I wa sthe "Kaleb" of the group according to this XD
Well,im glad you had phun too.
(Dude,I spell weird)

Kaleb Stewart said...

Your unique spelling makes me smile Yuffs! LOL, there has to be a "Kaleb" in every party, otherwise it's just boring.

Russell said...

Well dude, I like the stat card. It's pretty sweet. Well you're going to get something as head of the Nerd Department and a large contributor to the Social Department. Anyways, I won cuz people do want to see with my shirt off again. At least the girls I asked, Tommy said no. But... Since that picture is so old, here's another for you.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the link came out so here it is again.

Anonymous said...

Stupid thing...
It's the thing in the middle