Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Trouble with Podcasts

I just bought a video iPod a couple weeks ago, and let me say that its been both a blessing and a curse. The blessing being that I'm constantly entertained no matter where I am, the curse being that the outside world completely fades away the moment I jack into its electronic goodness. I mean... THE THING IS AMAZING!!

First of all, no one ever prepared me for the addictive drug known only as "podcasts". Trust me, I have never been more informed about what's going on in the world at large. Apparently, Israel is attacking somebody, and that somebody is doing the same... or something like that. The news has never been more hip, and neither has medi-core G4 programming. The marginally entertaining television show X-Play is just downright awesome when it's on that itty bitty little screen. WITH GOD AS MY WITNESS, I'LL NEVER BE BORED IN THE CAR AGAIN!!

Not that I have any music on it. I've been too tied up in all of its video goodness to care. Although, I do have "The Star Wars Gangsta Rap," and that's all any man really needs.

I'm pretty weird, I know. In conclusion, I love my iPod, and I'm still a total geek. Until next time.


Dark Lady said...

i have one too, of course i looove being able to watch videos, but i have more music on it, i love my ipod, i tried to watch an entire movie on it, but after half an hour i tought i was going blind.. so maybe another time o.O

anywaaaay, take care

Kaleb Stewart said...

LOL, I managed to watch all of Van Helsing on my iPod (it's a crappy movie, I know). I watched it in little bits though, not all at once.